Ack!Words is a new word puzzle game that requires creativity, strategy, and good spelling. 

To play, you connect 3 or more adjacent letters (in any direction) to each other to form words. When you find a word, the letters are crushed and the letters above drop down. The object is to make large words, using hard letters while ultimately clearing the board. Bonuses are given for having less than 10 letters left when the game ends, so plan your words accordingly.

It is designed for relaxing, thoughtful fun with an infinite number of board combinations to play.  If you get stuck, just press DONE then START and you have a new board! With the large board size you can make much harder words than on a 4x4 board. Playing will help you see patterns in letters and make you better at most any word game. 

There is no timer and no lives to buy, so you can play all day for free!  Available for Android and IOS now. 



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